Philip Johnson wrote that architecture exists only in time. It is not the design of space nor the massing or organizing of volumes. The main point is what he called “procession” — the experience of moving through a building.

Photographing this idea is the central concept in Ari Burling’s work. As an Architectural Photographer, he creates compositions populated with people and artifacts, both in rest and in motion, to inspire a deeper understanding of the built environment.  

Ari Burling works throughout the United States and abroad, documenting achievements in architecture, design, and engineering in a comprehensive range of building types, interior spaces, and technologies. His work is widely commissioned by a broad range of clients, from Architecture and Engineering firms to Interior Designers and Manufacturers.

In 2016 Ari Burling is pleased to debut a new project: “Green Roofs: NYC”— an exploration of an ancient practice now finding widespread application throughout the five boroughs: the Green Roof. As mankind strives to live in harmony with the environment, the Green Roof has an important role to play. Not only does a Green Roof help mitigate the caustic and unsustainable building practices of earlier centuries, but these living roofs also function as a classroom for younger and future generations, teaching the importance of stewardship of the land.